Global Groundwork has been working in Haiti since 2010 on a limited basis in a variety of rented space, and is in the process of seeking funding to develop a permanent training facility.

The new Vocational Training and Community Center will provide a dedicated space for the young men and women in our programs to practice trade skills on a daily basis, as well as provide an incubator for their own small businesses. The Vocational Training and Community Center will also house after-school and other community programs in the evening creating a further sustainable partnership with the community.

We have secured an existing structure (seen in the picture above) in the heart of the community which will serve as foundation for the Training and Community Center.

Budget items we are currently seeking funding for:

Roof $30,000
Walls $20,000
Doors $5,000
Windows $5,000
Security Materials $8,000
Paint $2,000
Soccer Field $10,000
Internet $1,000
Solar Panels $25,000
Generator $6,000
Electrical Wiring $10,000
Soccer Field Lighting $5,000
Water Tower $6,000
Construction Tools $10,000
Sewing Machines $5,000
Portable Dance Barres $1,000
Computers $10,000
Television $1,000
Library $3,000
Desks $2,000

24-Month Operation Budget:
Electric & Internet $5,000
Teachers (4) $40,000
Supplies $20,000
Marketing $1,000